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Dear Friends, Customers and all people interested,

 As of December 31st 2014, I have closed my business, Hana Peace Works. After many years in the baby business, writing books, making films and working with families, I am retiring and I am moving fully into the farming business.  I am grateful and thank everyone who we have done business with over the years. 

 I will not continue to make the What Babies Want DVD’s although I still have a quantity of copies at this time available for bulk sales. Hana Peace Works project including the copyright and trademark of What Babies Want and the BABY! Film Festival are available for purchase.  Please contact me 805 451 3760 if you are interested.  Thank you, Debby

For small quantities or a single DVD of What Babies Want please contact:
Sobonfu Some
Ancestors Wisdom Spring     (916) 446-5536